Complete mattresses GOTS certified - Handmade in Germany

Organic Latex Mattresses

Organic Latex – Mattress “Monozone”

  • Core: 1 – Zone Organic Natural Latex block in 12 or 15 cm Height
  • Evenly arranged latex pinholes over the entire lying surface.
  • The 1 – Zone Mattress is especially recommendable for Stomach and Back sleepers.
  • Density variations:

    • 12 cm Height available in S1, S2, S3
    • 15 cm Height available in S1, S2, S3 and S4
  • Cover: 100% GOTS Cotton, Organic cotton fabric quilted with 500g/m² GOTS husbandry Sheep Wool or Organic Cotton.
  • Mattress total height approx. 14 cm - 17 cm.

Organic Latex - Mattress "5 Zone"

  • Core: 5 - zone Organic Natural Latex block 12 cm thickness.
  • This Organic latex block, consisting of 5 different lying zones, within the mattress.
  • This 5-zone technology provides pressure relief for the head, neck, shoulder and pelvic / lumbar vertebra area. For belly, back and side sleepers. Total height approx. 14 cm.
  • Available in hardness S1, S2 and S3.

Organic Latex - Mattress "7 Zone"

  • Core: 7 - zone Organic Natural Latex Block 15 cm thickness.
  • Organic latex blank consisting of 7 different lying zones within the mattress which guarantees optimum support. The multi-zone technology offers in seven zones excellent comfort for all body parts in every sleeping position. Particularly suitable for side sleepers.
  • Available in hardness S1, S2 and S3.
  • Cover from GOTS 100% Cotton jersey, quilted with 500 g / m² Bio Sheep wool.
  • Mattress height approx. 17 cm.

Organic Youth Mattress

  • Core: 1 zone Organic latex Block in 10 cm thickness.
  • Uniformly arrangement of the latex pinholes over the entire lying surface.
  • The entry-level model for youngsters & children who prefer a medium-strong elastic reclining feeling. Well suited for all sleeping positions.
  • Available in hardness S1 and S2
  • Mattress height approx. 12 cm
Mattress Covers

  • Standard cover made from GOTS organic cotton tricot, quilted with 500 g / m² GOTS Bio sheep's wool or 500 g / m² GOTS organic cotton.
  • Allergy version: mattress sheathed with 500g / m² GOTS Bio sheep's wool or 500g / m² GOTS organic cotton, Round cover from GOTS organic Cotton fabric, not quilted, detachable, and washable.
Density Weight Description Body Weight
S1 75 kg/m³ Medium 50-75 kg
S2 85 kg/m³ Firm 76-85 kg
S3 95 kg/m³ Extra Firm 86-95 kg
S4 110 kg/m³ XX Firm 96-150 kg

Delivery Conditions

Packing: on a pallet: individually in foil Individual shipping: single foil and cardboard

  • Labels: Private labels possible
  • Carrying Aid: All mattresses are equipped with carrying handles. Exception: Allergy execution.
  • Delivery: Neutral delivery directly to your customer

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